Ed McCarty, Equine Dental Care
Dental care should be a part of every horse's health care program.

I was raised around horses in a small town in Southern Missouri and after college, military and a few years as a manager in the trucking business, I obtained my first license as a race horse trainer in 1983. In about '86 I had my first ever encounter with equine dental care. I had a young mare who was fighting the bit and one of the old trainers told me that she needed her teeth done.

I immediately contacted the only guy on the track who did teeth and he showed up with his metal bucket, one straight wooden handled float and one wooden handled float which pivoted on the end. After grabbing the mares tongue and rasping vigorously on her teeth for a moment (while they both bounced off of the stall walls a few times), he announced that she should be better now and left.

It seemed apparent to me that I could at least meet or exceed his performance and I went out and bought my own matching set of two wooden handled floats. I began to seek out and read what little material was available on why dental care was necessary and the basics of performing the task. By the mid 90s it was evident that I needed more understanding of what I was doing. I took the time to attend a school where I learned the principles of dental care and the basics of performing the task.

From that point on, I have studied the effects of dental care on the health and performance of horses. I still find that the basic information for owners on the subject of horse teeth and dental care is as lacking today as it was when I was seeking information in the late 1980's.

That fact spurred me to produce the video "The Owner's Guide to Horse Teeth & Equine Dental Care. My intent in the video is to pass on the knowledge that I have acquired after 20+ years of examination and study involving a few thousand horses. My sincere hope is that every owner or prospective owner who views this product will obtain some bit of information which elevates their overall horse health program.

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