Ed giving a practical demonstration. Ed giving a presentation

Equine Dentistry Presentations

Ed Loves To Share His Knowledge About Equine Dentistry!

  • Ed conducts various presentations to include workshops at Kansas Equifest, Riding Clubs and 4H and Youth groups.
  • He has been the subject of radio and television presentations such as an interview on Rick Lamb's radio show and the AG AM in Kansas morning television show.
  • Ed's presentations are visual with practical lessons on everything from the anatomy of a horse's teeth to identifying behavioral problems that could be due to a need for dental care.
  • The presentations are designed with two basic objects in mind. First is to have every attendee leaving the presentation firmly believing that regular dental care should be an integral part of their regular horse health program. Second is to assist them in recognizing performance and behavioral issues which stem from dental problems.

Please contact Ed to set up a presentation.

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